A day at Arcachon Bay

Took out the Mavick pro during a day of filming for Dutch national television in the Arcachon bay, where 80% of Europe's oysters are born.

Wende Snijders

Singer Wende Snijders presentents a DVD of her latest project in Carré, Amsterdam. An impression.

The widower

A portrait of Rudy, who visits his wife's grave weekly even though they had little in common.

Game Over

Two boys fight over who gets to play next, a matter of life and death.


Slow motion drums with Jeroen Batterink.

Charles Vreuls

Charles is a visual artist. He explains why.

Studio JUX, voor de wereld van morgen.

Studio Jux is a sustainable and fair designer brand from Amsterdam. The clothes are made in Kathmandu.


Frodo is a farmer with a very different approach to farming. That is why he supplies Marqt.

Millenium Travels Nepal

Millennium Travels organizes exchange programs in light of the millennium goals. In Nepal it was all about women's rights.


Hospitaalbroeders is a NGO working in Sierra Leone. Brother Peter explains their work.